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Joshua Link of the Zodiac (Massachusetts)Comics
Honorary member of the Justice League (Rhode Island)Comics
Enemy of Iron Man and Captain America and agent of AIM (Maine)Comics
Member of the Headmen (Rhode Island)Comics
Son of Dracula (Massachusetts)Comics
Everyone loved her in the 1950s (Connecticut)Television
President named after a Declaration of Independence signer (New Hampshire)Television
Formerly White Queen of the Hellfire Club (Massachusetts)Comics
Matt Hawk, one of Marvel's Wild West heroes (Massachusetts)Comics
Minor female Spider-Man enemy (Massachusetts)Comics
Former partner of the 1950s Captain America (Connecticut)Comics
Mystical enemy of Captain America (Maine)Comics
Family Guy character who recently has his own show (Rhode Island)Television
Bartender at Cheers (Massachusetts)Television
Mailman who frequently visits Cheets (Massachusetts)Television
Teenage son of Peter and Lois (Rhode Island)Television
Walter Newell, ally of Sub-Mariner (Massachusetts)Comics
Baby with a tendency to conquer the world (Rhode Island)Television
Formerly known as the Son of Satan (Massachusetts)Comics
Enemy of Wonder Woman (Massachusetts)Comics
Member of the Freedom Force (Massachusetts)Comics
Fat, dim-witted man (Rhode Island)Television
Enemy of Spider-Man and former leader of Dark Avengers (Connecticut)Comics
Enemy of the West Coast Avengers (Vermont)Comics
One of the X-Men's very first foes (Massachusetts)Comics
Sister of the former Son of Satan (Massachusetts)Comics
Member of the New Warriors and the Thunderbolts (Connecticut)Comics
Male member of the X-Files team (Massachusetts)Television
Everybody at Cheers knows his name (Massachusetts)Television
His partner is Dagger (Massachusetts)Comics
Cheers regular with a sense of humor (Massachusetts)Television
Nick Fury's right hand man (Massachusetts)Comics
Avenger who wields the Ebony Sword (Massachusetts)Comics
Half-Contraxian former member of the Avengers (Connecticut)Comics
He's afraid of the Headless Horseman (Connecticut)Folklore, Literature, and Movies
Attractive housewife who is Stewie's target of hatred (Rhode Island)Television
Jason Macendale, who later became Hobgoblin (Massachusetts)Comics
Enemy of Iron Man and Captain Marvel (Maine)Comics
Alcohol loving liberal dog (Rhode Island)Television
Women crazed friend of the Griffins (Rhode Island)Television
Everyone in the Griffin family hates her (Rhode Island)Television

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