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They sing for McKinley High (Ohio)Television
Vampire hunter who is secretly a vampire (Wisconsin)Comics
Danny Masterson is Eric Forman's right hand man (Wisconsin)Television
Rocky's dimwitted companion (Minnesota)Television
Cloak's light-bearing partner (Ohio)Comics
Griffin Gogol, wannabe superhero (Illinois)Comics
Host of Tool Time (Michigan)Television
Bartender and friend of Homer Simpson (Indiana)Television
Trash-talking archer of the Avengers (Iowa)Comics
Enemy of Iron Man with a whip (Ohio)Comics
Travels around in a van with four kids (Ohio)Television
Enemy of Thing, Moon Knight, Hawkeye, and Mockingbird (Wisconsin)Comics
Had a spin-off featuring her and her sister (Minnesota)Television
Member of the Freedom Five and a pilot (Wisconsin)Comics
Daughter of the Golden Age Green Lantern (Wisconsin)Comics
Giant who chops down trees (Minnesota)Folklore
They work at the Good Burger restaurant (Illinois)Television
Peter Petruski of the Frightful Four (Indiana)Comics
Tom Sawyer's best friend (Missouri)Literature
Max Jordan, member of the Mutant Force (Ohio)Comics
Boyfriend of Joanie played by Scott Baio (Wisconsin)Television
George Clooney's ER character (Illinois)Television
Richie's sister loves Chachi (Wisconsin)Television
Lemar Hoskins, friend of Captain America (Illinois)Comics
Big, green monster-like man (Ohio)Comics
William Shatner plays this brave leader of the Enterprise (Iowa)Television and Movies
Robert Frank of the Invaders (Missouri)Comics
Chevy Chase plays this bumbling dad (Illinois)Movies
Michael and Kevin O'Brien wore this armor (Illinois)Comics
Member of the Cadre with a weapon of his namesake (Michigan)Comics
Ron Howard plays this Happy Days teenager (Wisconsin)Television
Touch his belly and he'll giggle (Minnesota)Advertising
Sidekick of Martian Manhunter and former Justice League member (Michigan)Comics
Johnny Blaze is this popular hero (Illinois)Comics
Eric's redheaded girlfriend (Wisconsin)Television
Henry McCoy of the X-Men and Avengers (Illinois)Comics
Landlord for the Ricardos (Indiana)Television
Ed Asner played this newspaper editor (Minnesota)Television
Jason Cragg, enemy of Ant-Man (Indiana)Comics
Nightmare on Elm Street killer (Ohio)Movies
Paco Ramone, deceased Justice League member (Michigan)Comics
Lasagna-loving cat who hates Mondays (Indiana)Television and Comics
Donny Most, Donny Most, now he rises in the haze... (Wisconsin)Television
Jaleel White plays this nerdy boy (Illinois)Television
A Thunderbolts member who was once called Techno (Ohio)Comics
Bronson Pinochet plays this foreigner (Illinois)Television
Psychopathic doll (Illinois)Movies
Hank Heywood III, deceased Justice League member (Michigan)Comics
Julie Kavner's pre-Marge Simpson character (Minnesota)Television
Ed O'Neill plays this famous TV dad (Illinois)Television
Arthur Blackwood, enemy of Thor (Illinois)Comics
Peter Weller played this futuristic cop (Michigan)Movies
Roseanne's relaxed husband (Illinois)Television
Gary Gilbert, enemy of Iron Man (Michigan)Comics
Eddie Murphy plays this maverick cop (Michigan)Movies
Friends of the Fonz who work at a brewery (Wisconsin)Television
Ansen Williams plays a friend of Fonz (Wisconsin)Television
Luther Manning, hero from the future (Michigan)Comics
One of Batman's trusted friends (Illinois)Comics
Mark Twain's mischief making boy (Missouri)Literature
Autumn Rolfson, Horseman of Apocalypse (Ohio)Comics
Topher Grace plays this teenager (Wisconsin)Television
Kitty Pryde of the X-Men and Excalibur (Illinois)Comics
Seth Voelker of the Serpent Squad (Wisconsin)Comics
Alan Fagan, enemy of Daredevil (Wisconsin)Comics
Greer Nelson of the West Coast Avengers (Illinois)Comics
Desmond Pitts, enemy of the Thing and the Fantastic Four (Missouri)Comics
Unlucky friend of Homer and Carl (Illinois)Television
A little song, a little dance, a little seltzer down your pants (Minnesota)Television
Journalist and Balki's 'cousin' (Illinois)Television
His catchphrase is 'Dyno-Mite' (Illinois)Television
Teenage vampire (Illinois)Literature and Movies
Willard Weir of the Zodiac Cartel (Michigan)Comics
Tanya Seely of the Serpent Society (Illinois)Comics
Marc Spector, Marvel's answer to Batman (Illinois)Comics
Michael J. Fox played this young conservative (Ohio)Television
Intelligent man who was stranded on an island with six others (Ohio)Television
Eric Simon Payne of the Defenders (Illinois)Comics
Paul Destine, enemy of Namor (Missouri)Comics
Ashton Kutcher plays a friend of Eric (Wisconsin)Television
Ho Ho Ho is his catchphrase (Minnesota)Advertising
Son of the Golden Age Green Lantern (Wisconsin)Comics
Henry Winkler's most famous character (Wisconsin)Television
Captain America's sidekick, now called the Winter Soldier (Indiana)Comics
Mary Tyler Moore's famous character (Minnesota)Television
Mila Kunis plays this wealthy teen (Wisconsin)Television
Formerly known as Power Man, Smuggler, and Goliath (Wisconsin)Comics
Bullwinkle's best friend (Minnesota)Television
Dominant housewife based on a comedienne (Illinois)Television
Wendell Vaughn of the Avengers (Wisconsin)Comics
Enemy of Sleepwalker modeled after a billards ball (Minnesota)Comics

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