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World War II heroine Louise Mason (New Jersey)Comics
Sylvester Stallone plays this boxer (Pennsylvania)Movies
Donald Gill, former member of the Thunderbolts (Delaware)Comics
Close friend of Spider-Man who married a Hobgoblin (Pennsylvania)Comics
Longtime strongman of the Avengers (New Jersey)Comics
Wacky, blue-skinned hero (District of Columbia)Television
Enemy of Thor and Daredevil and former partner of Cobra (New Jersey)Comics
An 11-year old girl who lives in a foster home (Maryland)Literature
One of two living founders of the Grapplers (New Jersey)Comics
Morbidly obese chief of police (Maryland)Television
Jackson Avrad, enemy of Spider-Man (Pennsylvania)Comics
A former member, and later, a villain of the X-Men (New Jersey)Comics
Friend and substitute for Tony Stark (Pennsylvania)Comics
This Marvel villain started the Civil War (Pennsylvania)Comics
All-Star Squadron member married to Johnny Quick (Pennsylvania)Comics
Hugh Laurie plays this maverick doctor (New Jersey)Television
Blue skinned enemy of Nova, Thor, and the Rangers (Delaware)Comics
Strongman of the Enforcers (New Jersey)Comics
Rashida Jones' Office character (Pennsylvania)Television
One half of a team of Captain America foes (Pennsylvania)Comics
King Features' sci fi hero (Maryland)Comics and Television
Speedy son of the Vision and the Scarlet Witch (New Jersey)Comics
Enemy of Aquaman and a member of the Legion of Doom (Maryland)Comics
Spider-Man villain who killed Jean DeWolff (Maryland)Comics
Henry Pym's longtime sidekick (New Jersey)Comics
Daredevil villain Jonathan Powers (New Jersey)Comics
The Black King of the Hellfire Club (Pennsylvania)Comics
One of Marvel's beloved 1950s heroes (New Jersey)Comics
He's known as Ant-Man, Giant-Man, Goliath, and Yellowjacket (New Jersey)Comics
A robot created by Henry Pym (New Jersey)Comics
Ed Helms plays this annoying character (Pennsylvania)Television
Tough-talking Green Lantern (Maryland)Comics
Tom Clancy's well-known spy smasher (Maryland)Literature and Movies
Sorcerer Supreme (Pennsylvania)Comics
Daredevil villain who looks like a male cow (New Jersey)Comics
James Gandolfini plays this famous mobster (New Jersey)Television
Wonder Man's evil brother (New Jersey)Comics
Gillian Anderson's X-Files character (Maryland)Television
One-fifth of the Death-Throws (New Jersey)Comics
Candice Bergen plays a former alcoholic (Pennsylvania)Television
Villain currently known as MACH-4 of the Thunderbolts (Maryland)Comics
The White Bishop of the Hellfire Club (Pennsylvania)Comics
Government agent who hates superheroes (Pennsylvania)Comics
Atomic enemy of Bill Foster (Pennsylvania)Comics
World War II heroine married to the Whizzer (District of Columbia)Comics
Minor Spider-Man foe killed by Scourge (New Jersey)Comics
Silly ally of the New Warriors (New Jersey)Comics
Harlan Vargas of the Zodiac Cartel (District of Columbia)Comics
Member of the Hellions (New Jersey)Comics
Mutant Force member also known as Crucible (New Jersey)Comics
Harrison Ford's well-known character (New Jersey)Movies
Enemy of Captain America and a former nun (New Jersey)Comics
Blonde member of the Serpent Society (Pennsylvania)Comics
Steve Carell plays this hillarious boss (Pennsylvania)Television
Also known as Bluntman and Chronic (New Jersey)Movies
A synthetoid who is a longtime member of the Avengers (New Jersey)Comics
Took over as Captain America for a while (Pennsylvania)Comics
This Femme Fatale took the moniker from an Iron Man villain (Delaware)Comics

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