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Can you name the Fictional Americans---Great Plains and Rocky Mountains?

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Mutant Force member also known as Peeper (Utah)Comics
Deputy leader of the X-Men (Nebraska)Comics
A Great Dane who is not Scooby Doo (Kansas)Television and Movies
His main nemesis is Mr. Wilson (Kansas)Television and Comics
Encounters and befriends a scarecrow, a tin man, and a lion (Kansas)Literature and Movies
Native American member of the Global Guardians (Oklahoma)Comics
Jewish boy from South Park (Colorado)Television
Lives with a grouchy old man and his wife and is afraid of everything (Kansas)Television
Green haired friend of the Hulk (Oklahoma)Comics
Native American ally of the Fantastic Four (Oklahoma)Comics
Senator who hates mutants (Kansas)Comics
Teenage member of the Justice Society (Nebraska)Comics
Friend of Thing and Captain America (Nebraska)Comics
Former girlfriend of Molecule Man (Colorado)Comics
Protagonist of the Grapes of Wrath (Oklahoma)Literature and Movies
Girlfriend of Superboy (Kansas)Comics
Enemy of Captain America and criminal inventor (South Dakota)Comics
Adoptive parents of Superman (Kansas)Comics
Ted Sallis became this hideous monster character (Nebraska)Comics
Enemy of Luke Cage and Iron Man (Wyoming)Comics
Firefist of the X-Terminators (Oklahoma)Comics
Daredevil foe who uses magic (Oklahoma)Comics
Partner of the Star-Spangled Kid (Nebraska)Comics
Bigoted boy from South Park (Colorado)Television
South Park boy who always dies (Colorado)Television
Wally West, who would later become the Flash (Nebraska)Comics
The Man of Steel (Kansas)Comics
Member of the Enforcers with a lasso (Montana)Comics
Native American ally of the Avengers (Montana)Comics
Longtime friend of the Fixer (North Dakota)Comics
Superboy's dog (Kansas)Comics
Native American member of the New Mutants (Colorado)Comics
Leader of the South Park boys (Colorado)Television
Wife of a propane salesman (Montana)Television
Henry Camp of the Wrecking Crew (Kansas)Comics
The Fantastic Four's favorite mailman (Nebraska)Comics
Elaine McLaughlin of the Zodiac Cartel (Colorado)Comics
Also known as Professor Marvel (Nebraska)Literature and Movies
Wife of the Absorbing Man (Colorado)Comics
Classic DC Western character (Wyoming)Comics
Superman's worst enemy (Kansas)Comics
Enemy of the Hulk (Idaho)Comics

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