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Can you name the Fictional Americans---Florida and Texas?

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Girlfriend of Texas Twister (Texas)Comics
Larry Hagman plays this oil entrepreneur (Texas)Television
Obese foe of Captain America (Florida)Comics
Southern member of the Golden Girls (Florida)Television
Fast talking pal of Hank (Texas)Television
Brother of JR (Texas)Television
Son of Silvermane (Florida)Comics
Former agent of SHIELD (Texas)Comics
Golden Girl of Italian descent (Florida)Television
Scott Lang, friend of Hank Pym (Florida)Comics
Former girlfriend of Captain America (Texas)Comics
Methodist propane salesman (Texas)Television
Jack Klevano of the Zodiac Cartel (Texas)Comics
Golden Girl of Swedish descent (Florida)Television
Emily Procter plays this CSI Agent (Florida)Television
Noah Perricone of the Zodiac Cartel (Florida)Comics
Spongebob's squirrel pal (Texas)Television
Latin-American enemy of Captain America (Texas)Comics
Jamie Reyes is the latest one to use this alias (Texas)Comics
Son of Hank and Peggy (Texas)Television
Don Johnson plays this Miami Vice character (Florida)Television
Teenagers who watch MTV (Texas)Television
Army girl who is Johnny Cage's crush (Texas)Video Games
Lazarus Lane of the Old West (Texas)Comics
Air Force Major who hates M. Bison (Florida)Video Games
Enemy of Beavis and Butthead and prototype of Hank Hill (Texas)Television
Joe Timms, enemy of the Hulk (Florida)Comics
El Kabong is his alter ego (Texas)Television
Martial artist and movie star (Florida)Video Games
Hector Lennox, enemy of Captain America (Texas)Comics
African-American friend of Sonny Crockett (Florida)Television
Overweight enemy of the X-Men (Texas)Comics
Adam Rodriguez plays this Cuban-American CSI (Florida)Television
Enemy of Spider-Man, Nightcrawler, and Captain America (Texas)Comics
Lieutenant Police Officer for CSI Miami (Florida)Television
Bea Arthur played this Golden Girl (Florida)Television
Jackie Gleason plays this highwayman (Texas)Movies
Member of the X-Force and former lover of Cable (Florida)Comics
Paranoid pal of Hank Hill (Texas)Television
Magical ally of Satana and Topaz (Florida)Comics
An elephant who can fly (Florida)Movies
Jim Carrey is this pet detective (Florida)Movies
Serial killer who listens to an unknown voice (Florida)Literature and Television
Drew Daniels, ally of the Avengers (Texas)Comics
Paul Reubens' alter ego (Florida)Television and Movies
Curt Conners, enemy of Spider-Man (Florida)Comics

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