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Mayor of Quahog
Intelligent Dog
Has his own show, but still visits the gang occasionally
Female News Reporter, now deceased
Battles Peter constantly
Peter's stepfather, who was a devout Catholic
Only wears briefs
Elderly man who hits on boys
Peter's Heritage
Wheelchair-bound police officer
Late son of Joe and Bonnie
Matriarch of the Griffin Family who teaches piano
Panicky Jewish drug store owner
His son, who hits on Meg
Fast-talking weatherman
Bumbling patriarch of the Griffin family
Has the hots on all Quahog women
Alien who lives with the Smiths
The baby who thinks he's a god
Mustached news reporter and father of an upside-down faced boy
Believed to have an imaginary wife named Miriam
Comedian duo from the past killed by Stewie
Last name of the Griffins' accountant
This marks the spot
The color of the Giant Chicken
Stewie's alias when he was dating Connie

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