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Forced Order
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The hills aren't alive with the sound of your music. You're just a cheap rip off of Germany. And, BTW, your apple strudels suck.
Isn't it ironic that you're more greener than icy? Also, when it comes to Scandinavian countries, everyone lists you last. Your name should be Boring Scandinavian Island.
A lot of people think you should be in Asia. And will the war between Greece and Turkey between you never end?
Why does a country have to separate itself from France and declare it independent. Go back to France, you casino-loving republic.
Let's put the blame on the country that gave us the dictator Franco and the Inquisition. But, hey, bullfights are cool.
You have the worst dentistry in the world, you conquered a fourth of the world, and your television shows on PBS suck. Except for Doctor Who.
You're a small country located between Spain and Franch which no one would find on the map.
Unfortunately, you can't join NATO because you're just a new republic full of Russia spies. And, another thing, your capitals name is too weird.
You're the smallest of the founders of both NATO and the EU. Maybe you can be the weakest as well.
White Russia? Don't tell me there's a White Russia. What's next, Black Germany?
A lot of people confuse you with Slovakia. Here's a word you should tell them: YUGOSLAVIA!!! Also, you're pretty small for people to locate you on a map.
Your country gave us the hardest toy to solve. And why couldn't you just stop the Soviets controlling you in the 1950s and 1960s? Pretty weak, no doubt.
OK, we have the bad part of Czechoslovakia, with membership in NATO and EU to boot. Will you be as big as the Czech Republic?
You host many European groups and you're the home of one of the most washed-up martial arts stars. But thanks for the Smurfs and Tintin.
Why is your national anthem plagiarism of the Finnish anthem? Frankly, because you couldn't think of a better tune for your anthem after you broke up with the Soviet Union.
I'm sick and tired of Russia invading you. Why don't you just join NATO if it makes it all complicated.
You're the drunkest country in all of Europe. Also, your language is hard to understand. And, on top of all that, everyone wears green.
If you're two thirds below sea level, why can't more fish live there instead of people. And you've got more drugs than a Cheech and Chong movie.
You were the hub of Yugoslavia. Now you're the European pariah. Why don't you join the EU and make some decent friends?
The oldest republic, eh? Egypt and Greece are older than you, loser.
You're one of three countries conquered by the USSR in 1940. Why don't you stop them from conquering you, you wimps. Also, why are you ripping off the Austrian flag?
A country with gypsies, vampires, and drunk farmers. That best describes you, you former Communist rat.
After the Iron Curtain fell, you managed to keep the Russian alphabet and religion. Also, why would you give a girl's name for your capital? It's no wonder you joined the EU late.
All we can remember you for are the furniture and the Muppets' resident chef, who doesn't even hail from your country. But your blondes are hot, nonetheless.
Why are you named after a bird? And you should be an Asian country more than a European country. Make up your minds.
Romania+Ukraine-former USSR=you, you poor piece of trash.
You joined NATO and the EU very late. And your flag has a shield with a checkered shield. Nice going for one of the former Yugoslavia's early democratic countries.
OK, most people outside of your country cannot pronounce your national dish correctly. Also, you have the weirdest alphabet in Europe. It's no wonder you were first in democracy.
You may be the big name in Iberia, but Brazil is bigger than you.
Props on Legos and Hans Christian Andersen. But no props on no mountains. Also, I hear Greenland might be declaring their independence from you.
A two-headed eagle on your flag? Maybe that two-headed eagle should be in Ripley's Believe It Or Not.
First, a madman took over your country for twelve years and threatened to kill innocent people. Next, you divided yourself into two. Now, you're unified and led by a woman.
Ooh, la, la. Your diet compromises frog legs and snails and your people smell more than Pepe Le Pew. Maybe George W. Bush was right about you.
Aside from the saunas and the Angry Birds, you're a boring, cold country that should have been part of Sweden, despite the language change. And stop putting double vowels in words.
How can a landlocked country be so rich and stay out of organizations? Stubborness. And your yodeling is so loud, we'll have to go someone else to ski.
Mamma mia. Your country looks like a boot. And you speak with a weird accent. No wonder Luigi from the Simpsons is mocked by many.
Of the three Batlic Countries, why did you have to be last to join the Eurozone? Because you were too weak to fight the Soviets in 1940s. Why don't you just stay in the USSR?
If John Paul II wasn't Pope, you would have stayed Communist. Also, why is your flag an upside-down Indonesian flag? Lack of creativity, no doubt.
OK, not many European nations recognize you and you should go back to Serbia where you came from.
Here it is, the best part of Czecoslovakia. Sike. Aside from your hot girls, everything about you sucks. And will you ever have a beach?
This just is: lutefish sucks. Also, you're too rich to join the EU. And many people associate you with Vikings.
You're a mediocre country full of Alps. And why would an inferior country like you join the Schengen Area in 2008? Maybe because you want to be popular.
Greece called. They want you to change you name to add Greece to your long, boring name.
After 1992, people couldn't stop talking about you. Why couldn't you join NATO or the European Union? Because you're too poor and defenseless, that's why.
What have we here? A small, defenseless island in the Mediterranean Sea. Also, your language is so strange no one can understand you.
I can walk through you for two hours. Not a big accomplishment. Also, why would the Pope live in your country? I'd rather see him in the United States.
How can a country be a Communist dictatorship, later a democracy, and now back to a dictatorship? Think for yourself and glad Putin out of power.

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