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Can you name the DC Characters That Start With T-U?

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HintCharacterNumber of Appearances
Former Robin who is now Red Robin1,743
Harvey Dent, enemy of Batman709
Titan formerly known as Aqualad653
Jo-Nah of the Legion of Super Heroes623
Second man to take the Blue Beetle moniker578
Legion member who is also called Star Boy483
The Starman of the Golden Age377
Daughter of Ra's Al Ghul and lover of Batman351
Inuit friend of Green Lantern323
Father of Batman322
Frontier freedom fighter of the Revolutionary War288
Serves as Johnny Thunder's back-up273
Member of the Teen Titans who loved Beast Boy242
Green Lantern from the planet Xudar213
Stuttering member of the Metal Men211
Leader of the Freedom Fighters who represents the Spirit of America193
James Jesse, former enemy of the Flash185
HintCharacterNumber of Appearances
Member of the Planeteers184
Soldier who looks like a mummy169
Superman villain obsessed with playthings168
Golden Age Mister Terrific151
Ganglios of the Legion of Super Heroes129
Enemy of Superman who looks like a white gorilla123
Omega Men member who looks like a tiger114
Tiger who accompanies Captain Marvel112
Justice Society member and son of Wildcat109
Daughter of Black Lightning109
Octopus who works for Aquaman107
Wife of General Zod107
Becomes a Batman in the far future106
Evil scientist who created the Red Tornado105
John Law of the All-Star Squadron104
Enemy of the Golden Age Flash102
Australian member of the Global Guardians100

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