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HintCharacterNumber of Appearances
The Man of Steel9,286
Superman's cousin1,896
Teenage clone of Superman1,119
Teen Titans member from Tamaran1,056
Female founding member of the Legion of Super-Heroes912
Jim Corrigan of the Justice Society762
Green Lantern ally/enemy Carol Ferris584
Leader of Easy Company557
Former boyfriend of Wonder Woman543
Jonathan Crane, enemy of Batman and Robin540
Green Lantern's greatest enemy538
Salu Digby of the Legion of Super-Heroes525
John Henry Irons, ally of Superman517
Alec Holland, a bizarre DC hero512
Teenage girl member of the Justice Society484
Thom Kallor of the Legion of Super-Heroes483
Dirk Morgna of the Legion of Super-Heroes480
Sandy Hawkins of the Justice Society of America471
Tasmia Mallor of the Legion of Super-Heroes428
Wesley Dodds of the Justice Society of America390
Ted Knight of the Justice Society of America377
Enemy of the Justice Society, particularly Green Lantern345
Sylvester Pemberton of the Seven Soldiers of Victory290
Green Lantern from the planet Slyggia288
Deceased wife of Elongated Man281
Formerly known as Princess Projectra279
Polish member of the Blackhawks274
HintCharacterNumber of Appearances
Stephanie Brown, ally of Batman266
Detective from the 1930s244
Medieval member of the Seven Soldiers of Victory216
Teenage honorary member of the Justice League188
Pat Dugan, partner of the Star-Spangled Kid183
Robotic sidekick of Booster Gold182
Detective with a metallic hand171
Member of the Justice League Dark and the Suicide Squad170
Sports reporter for the Daily Planet167
Black-clad enemy of the Justice Society162
Green Lantern from the planet Grenda148
Dummy used by Ventriloquist146
Enemy of Hawkman and Hawkgirl143
Late wife of Commissioner Gordon143
Vergil Hawkins142
John Sargent of the All-Star Squadron130
Starfish-like enemy of the Justice League128
Legionnaire from the planet Dryad122
Alan Armstrong, ally of Captain Marvel117
Mischief making twins117
Father-in-law of Adam Strange117
Leading Blue Lantern108
Legionnaire from the planet Gryx105
Serves as Checkmate's Black Queen105
Leader of Darkseid's military105
Mikaal Tomas104
Enemy of Green Lantern and Aquaman101

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