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Can you name the DC Characters That Start With M?

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HintCharacterNumber of Appearances
Alien founder of the Justice League2,073
Foster mother of Superman924
Rex Mason, ally of the Justice League646
Lar Gand of the Legion of Super-Heroes619
Sister of Captain Marvel540
Michael Holt of the Justice Society462
New Genesis' greatest escape artist445
Wife of Aquaman419
Batman villain with icy powers326
Impish enemy of Superman307
Leads the Intergang mob285
Flash enemy associated with reflection284
Kate Spencer280
Financer of the Justice League International273
Mother of Batman256
Member of Stormwatch and partner of Apollo250
Police officer and ally of Superman and Batman244
New God of intellect and reason231
All-Star Squadron member who is also named Quicksilver231
Batman enemy named after an Alice in Wonderland character229
Metal Man with the ability to stretch224
Martian member of the Teen Titans223
HintCharacterNumber of Appearances
Kirk Langstrom, enemy of Batman219
Fortune teller heroine212
John Corben, enemy of Superman197
Legion of Super-Heroes member with the power to eat any substance193
Powerful member of Extreme Justice165
Tyrant who rules Warworld160
Terry Sloane of the Justice Society146
Wormish enemy of Captain Marvel138
Former husband of Elasti-Girl and member of the Doom Patrol138
Became Speedy after Roy Harper abandoned his role135
Gorilla from France and enemy of the Doom Patrol127
Dark Lord who is an enemy of the Justice Society and Legion of Super-Heroes123
Daughter of Animal Man119
Android who became the third Hourman117
The Red Tornado of the 1940s117
Plant-like Green Lantern from J586106
Brian Butler, ally of Captain Marvel105
Enemy of Green Lantern who later joined the Justice League104
Alien who became a Starman103
Personal assistant of Lex Luthor102
Greatest enemy of the Demon102
Enemy of Captain Atom101

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