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HintCharacterNumber of Appearances
Girlfriend/wife of Superman3,368
Superman's worst enemy2,499
Batman's worst enemy1,469
Golden Age Flash1,223
Former girlfriend of Superman958
Became Green Lantern when Hal Jordan was inactive930
Founding member of the Legion of Super Heroes from Winath769
Identity of Bart Allen before he became Kid Flash687
Identity of the Golden Age Doctor Fate638
Superboy's dog companion620
Twin sister of a Legion founder521
Biological father of Superman505
The Main Man, The Master of Frag477
Green Lantern Corps member from Bolovax Vik470
Former Robin who now goes by the alias Red Hood457
Wife of the Silver Age Flash454
Daughter of the Golden Age Green Lantern424
Japanese member of the Outsiders370
Waylon Jones, enemy of Batman365
Bounty hunter in the Wild West Gotham358
Daughter of Johnny Quick and Liberty Belle357
Legionnaire who can turn himself invisible350
Martial arts-oriented Legionnaire342
HintCharacterNumber of Appearances
Comical Justice Society member who uses a Thunderbolt for fighting327
Norwegian member of the Justice League and Global Guardians307
Sister-in-law of Superman293
Wife of Jor-El and mother of Superman293
Former girlfriend of Wally West263
Joseph Wilson of the Teen Titans232
Identity of the Golden Age Spectre226
Hard working member of the Metal Men221
Member of the Authority and Stormwatch219
Former wife of John Stewart and member of the Green Lantern Corps215
CEO of Wayne Enterprises and friend of Batman212
Ex-wife of Atom211
Member of Gen13 and Team 7 who uses telekinesis210
Strongest member of the Metal Men208
John Chambers of the All-Star Squadron and husband of Liberty Belle199
Wife of the Golden Age Flash195
Member of the New Gods who has light powers195
Libby Lawrence of the All-Star Squadron and husband of Johnny Quick182
Doctor who is a friend of Batman182
Former sidekick of the Blue Devil180
Son of Darkseid178
Mermaid friend of Superman and Aquaman167
Token female member of the Blackhawks155
HintCharacterNumber of Appearances
Wife of Doctor Fate155
Son of the Golden Age Starman who became Starman for a while142
Enemy of Richard Dragon and Bronze Tiger139
Brother of Captain Marvel Jr. who can summon heroes from the past136
Enemy of Superman who was imprisoned in the Phantom Zone136
Drury Walker, enemy of Batman135
Member of the Female Furies who uses a lash134
Believed to be the Last Boy on Earth132
Jacques Foccart, successor to Lyle Norg129
Telepathic member of the Teen Titans129
Member of the Outsiders with psionic powers126
Enemy of Firestorm with ice powers125
Jeff Burr, leader of a terrorist cult124
Has control of a Thunderbolt after Johnny Thunder retired121
Enemy of Green Lantern from the Planet Maltus120
Murdered the parents of Batman119
Nanaue, an enemy of Superboy who is a humanoid shark115
Navajo pilot who joined the Losers113
Member of Stormwatch who uses quantum powers112
Zoe Saugin of the planet Aleph107
Member of the Legion of Super-Villains and enemy of Lightning Lad107
Member of the Green Lantern Corps from Thanagar103

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