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Can you name the DC Characters That Start With H?

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HintCharacterNumber of Appearances
Most popular of the Green Lanterns2,437
Winged member of the Justice League and Justice Society1,896
Partner and lover of Hawkman1,049
Helena Bertinelli, ally of Batman605
Gotham detective and member of Checkmate566
Mother of Wonder Woman546
Batman enemy and lover of the Joker370
Rick Tyler of the Justice Society328
Rex Tyler of the Justice Society305
German/Dutch member of the Blackhawks277
Mick Rory, enemy of the Flash251
HintCharacterNumber of Appearances
Gabrielle Doe of the Outsiders238
War loving brother of Dove230
Leader of the New Gods185
Youthful airplane pilot149
Helena Wayne, daughter of the Earth-2 Batman139
Enemy of Green Lantern with strong mental powers137
Tommy Elliot, enemy of Batman133
Olympian demigod and ally of Wonder Woman116
Tommy Monaghan, DC's answer to the Punisher114
Rabbit friend of the Marvel Family113

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