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Can you name the DC Characters That Start With D?

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HintCharacterNumber of Appearances
Formerly Robin, now Nightwing4,036
Formerly known as Wonder Girl1,145
Ruler of Apokalips743
Kent Nelson of the Justice Society of America638
Also known as the Terminator567
Formerly known as Triplicate Girl and Duo Damsel506
Pieter Cross of the JSA427
Boston Brand, ally of the Justice League419
Charles McNider, former Justice Society member418
Member of the Suicide Squad who is also an enemy of Batman347
Nura Nal from the planet Naltor324
Son of Batman and the current boy to become Robin315
Darkseid's master torturer301
Tiny member of the Freedom Fighters of Earth-X262
Native American member of the Legion of Super-Heroes250
Arthur Light, enemy of the Justice League244
Kimoyo Hoshi, Japanese super hero238
HintCharacterNumber of Appearances
Monster who 'killed' Superman225
Dawn Granger, partner of Hawk214
Grant Emerson, former member of the Justice Society214
Formerly Brooklyn of the Boy Commandos179
Cab driver who worked for the Golden Age Green Lantern176
Alien enemy of the Justice League172
Michael Cray of Team 7165
Richard Occult of the All-Star Squadron151
Wonder Woman enemy who uses telepathy150
Ally of Aquaman and member of the Forgotten Heroes137
Also known as the DNAlien135
Former girlfriend of the Golden Age Sandman135
Green Lantern enemy who is obsessed with magnets130
Bobo, primate who solves crimes127
Flash enemy who is also known as Mister Element115
Identity of the Freedom Fighters' Manhunter111

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