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Can you name the DC Characters That Start With B?

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HintCharacterNumber of Appearances
Gotham City's famous superhero9,205
Former girlfriend of Green Arrow1,786
Silver (and Modern) Age Flash1,626
Barbara Gordon, ally of Batman1,568
Also known as Captain Marvel1,291
Teen Titan who is also known as Changeling929
Legion of Super Heroes member who is very smart834
Enemy of Superman who is very intelligent711
Also known as Impulse and Kid Flash684
Futuristic hero and member of the Justice League International616
Ted Kord of Justice League International572
Jefferson Pierce of the Outsiders and Justice League544
Leader of the Blackhawks524
Wife of Mister Miracle410
Once broke Batman's back379
Evil clone of Captain Marvel367
He am evil clone of Superman347
HintCharacterNumber of Appearances
Jamie Reyes is the third man to become this super hero328
Cassandra Cain, ally of Batman322
Superhero married to Triplicate Girl313
Aquaman's deadliest enemy294
Daniel Patrick Cassidy261
Ben Turner of the Suicide Squad186
Roman Sionis and Jeremiah Arkham185
'Rocky' former member of the Legion of Super Heroes160
Enemy of Batman who served with the Suicide Squad147
Green Lantern of Space Sector 1414133
Kate Kane, ally of Batman130
Lesser known member of the Teen Titans129
Leader of the Black Lantern Corps126
Green Lantern from Space Sector 904126
Jim Barr, ally of Captain Marvel123
Leader of the Brotherhood of Evil105
Son of Brain Wave and member of Infinity Inc.103

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