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Can you name the DC Characters That Start With A?

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HintCharacterNumber of Appearances
Loyal butler of Bruce Wayne2,363
King of the Seven Seas2,202
Golden Age Green Lantern1,304
Alias for Ray Palmer and Ryan Choi1,066
Currently known as Tempest642
Hails from the planet Rann448
Golden Age Atom414
Can mimic any beast375
Former Nuklon of Infinity Inc335
Head of the modern Suicide Squad317
French member of the Blackhawks307
Jean-Paul Valley, ally of Batman281
Female teenage Green Lantern272
Love interest of Swamp Thing246
Member of Stormwatch who is close friends with Midnighter228
Wife of Adam Strange205
Bestowed a Power Ring to Hal Jordan199
HintCharacterNumber of Appearances
Amazon ally of Wonder Woman185
Has the combined powers of the JLA members164
Member of the Challengers of the Unknown160
Toni Monetti of the Teen Titans159
Greco-Roman god of war156
Flash foe who uses magic133
Member of the Red Lantern Corps131
Lord of Atlantis122
Member of the Yellow Lantern Corps122
Mother of Supergirl and aunt of Superman118
Pet of Batman111
Laurel Gand of the Legion of Super-Heroes109
Former partner of Green Arrow108
Evil clone of the Monitor107
Tula, deceased partner of Aquaman107
Larry Jordan, minor hero of World War II105

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