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Can you name the Major events of 2011?

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Which Country adopts the Euro1st January
A Bomb explodes killing 37 at which airport?24th January
Which Arab President resigns after protests11th February
A 9.1 Magnitude earthquake hits which region of Japan11th March
Which Arabian Leader declares a three month state of emergency15th March
Which country carries out reconnaissance flights over Libya in preparation for the no-fly zone?19th March
Which African President is arrested, ending a civil war?11th April
Prince William of the United Kingdom marries which woman?29th April
Which Terrorist is killed?1st May
Which country becomes independent?9th July
Which Space Shuttle is the last to land?21st July
Who carries out twin attacks on Norway, killing 76?22nd July
Which American computer engineer dies?5th October
Which Arab leader is killed?20th October
Which Terrorist organisation announces that it is ending its campaign of violence?20th October
Which UN body admits Palestine?31st October
Which National Leader dies of a heart attack17th December

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