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Forced Order
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Which country adopts the Euro?1st January
Israel launches a ground invasion against which of its neighbours?3rd January
Russia cuts of supplies of which resource to Ukraine, affecting much of Europe7th January
The Government and Banking system of which country collapses?26th January
The Deadliest Bushfires in Australian history occur in which state?7th February
In a power sharing deal, who is sworn in as Prime Minister of Zimbabwe?11th February
The President of which country is assassinated?2nd March
The Cricket Team of which Country is attacked by gunmen in Lahore, Pakistan?3rd March
An arrest warrant is issued for the Head of State of which country?4th March
A Coup d'etat occurs in which country?17th March
Albania and Croatia join which organisation?1st April
The Leaders of the G20 meet in which city?2nd April
A 6.3 Magnitude Earthquake strikes which Italian City?6th April
A Plane travelling from which Brazillian city to Paris disappears over the Atlantic Ocean?1st June
The outbreak of which Influenza is declared a pandemic?11th June
The Death of which American Entertainer causes websites such as Wikipedia and Twitter to crash?25th June
The OAS suspends Honduras over their attempted arrest of which President?4th July
Which Libyan Terrorist is released by the Scottish Authorities?20th August
The Leaders of the G20 meet in which city?25th September
The 2016 Olympics are awarded to which city?2nd October
Which EU Treaty comes into force, having been signed by the Czech Republic the previous month?1st December

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