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Can you name the Things that happened from the 20th to the 22nd of July?

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Serbia captures which War Crimes fugitive?20th July
The UN declares a famine in two areas of Somalia. Name one20th July
British Troops hand over control of which Afghan city to government forces20th July
A magnitude 6.1 Earthquake strikes which country?20th July
The Foreign Minister of which country calls for a strong EU message on the Greek Debt crisis?20th July
Riots demanding the President's resignation occur in which country?20th July
A British citizen is killed by a car bomb in which Yemeni city?20th July
A Senior UN Official claims that what is a threat to global peace?21st July
Who is executed in Texas, despite pleas from the survivor of his shootings?21st July
Which terrorist group kills four in India?21st July
The Grave of which Nazi is Exhumed?21st July
According to activists, the crackdown against protestors intensifies in which Syrian city?21st July
Which Somalian terrorist organisation denies permitting Western Aid agencies to help?22nd July
A Heatwave grows in two countries, causing 22 deaths. Name one.22nd July
Which FIFA Presidential canditate says he expects to be found guilty of bribery?22nd July
North and South Korean nuclear envoys meet on the sidelines of which summit?22nd July
An Explosion occurs in which European capital?22nd July
Which Eta leader is sentenced to 377 years in Prison?22nd July
A new Moon is discovered orbitting which body?20th July
Which Space Shuttle lands, ending the Space Shuttle Program21st July
NASA announces that the Mars Rover MSL-Curiosity will be aimed at which crater?22nd July

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