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WordPart of SpeechExample Sentence
houseI want to live in that (house).
eatIf you (eat) too much, you will feel sick.
takeI will (take) it away if you don't listen.
bigThose are some (big) trees.
wayThat is the worst (way) to play the game.
closerYou are (closer) than I am.
lookDon't (look) into the sun.
I(I) didn't know about the trick involved.
some(Some) parts looked rough.
lotYou have a (lot) of options.
nobody(Nobody) listened.
aroundI walked (around) for a while.
paintingLook at the (painting) on the wall.
becameI (became) tense after the surprise.
sometimes(Sometimes) I get nervous.
none(None) of the students figured it out.
mightI (might) try it tomorrow.
ofHis act was the loudest (of) the group.
once(Once) I tried honey on my pancakes.
most(Most) of the people didn't agree.
waterI want some (water).
onThe light is (on).
isIt (is) cold outside.
if(If) you have proof, I want to see it.
tensionThere was a lot of (tension) at the end.
WordPart of SpeechExample Sentence
EarthThis is the tallest mountain on (Earth).
whatI don't know (what) you are looking at.
fastYou run (fast).
amI (am) very tired now.
thatI liked the fact (that) you kept trying.
hereI am (here).
wouldI (would) go, but I cannot.
Wow'(Wow)! That's incredible,' he said.
haveI (have) been here before.
both, and(Both) the kids (and) the teacher agreed.
the(The) audience applauded.
afterI will go (after) I eat.
forThere are no prizes (for) you.
good-byeThey said their (good-bye) and left.
bestThis is the (best) I can do.
theYou worked (the) hardest.
myThis is (my) son.
aThis would be (a) good time to go.
where(Where) are all the people?
toI was going (to) write them all down.
next toThe book is (next to) my bed.
butI would have gone, (but) I couldn't.
notI do (not) know much about science.
confusingThis is a (confusing) story.
Hooray'(Hooray)!' I exclaimed.

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