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How much do you know about the early days of the Washington Wizards franchise?

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What was the first city the current Wizards franchise played in?
The franchise's first team nickname was the...
For the 1962-63 season only, the team was called the...
When the team finally moved to the DMV, which city did it call home?
The franchise's first All-Star selection came in 1961-62. Who was it?
In 1964-65, the Bullets sent 3 to the All-Star game for the first time: Walt Bellamy, Don Ohl and...
The Bullets' first playoff appearance came in what year?
Gene Shue won the NBA's Coach of the Year award in which year?
What was the Bullets' highest win total while in Baltimore?
During the 60's how many future Hall of Famers played for the Bullets?
Those Hall of Famers were Bellamy, Johnson, Howell, Unseld and...

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