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Can you name the topics below covered in chapter 29 of the APUS textbook?

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Chapter 29 APUS
Which state was Woodrow Wilson governor of?
Roosevelt and which person fought against each other, allowing Wilson to win the 1912 presidential election?
Which candidate was shot in Milwaukee, and continued in the race?
Was Wilson for or against reform?
Did he raise tariffs?
The Underwood Tariff Bill also enacted what tax?
Which act helped the nation throughout economic hardships of the First World War?
Chapter 29 APUS
The Federal Trade Comission Act and Clayton Anti-Trust Act went agianst which type of businesses?
Which group did the Progessive Wilson not help out?
Wilson purchased what from Denmark in 1915?
Which rival of General Victoriano Huerta did Wilson lend munitions to?
What did Wilson try to do in World War One?
Who was Wilson's Republican opponent in the 1916 Election?
What were most of Wilson's supporters relying on?

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