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QUIZ: Given their party leaders, can you name the parties which won 5,000 votes or more in the 2015 UK General Election?

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David Cameron11,334,726
Ed Miliband9,347,324
Nigel Farage3,881,099
Nick Clegg2,415,862
Nicola Sturgeon1,454,436
Natalie Bennett and others1,156,149
Peter Robinson184,260
Leanne Wood181,704
Gerry Adams176,232
Mike Nesbitt114,935
Alasdair McDonnell99,809
David Ford61,556
Dave Nellist36,490
Jim Allister16,538
Richard Taylor and Clive Peedell12,999
George Galloway9,989
Paul Birch8,419
Collective leadership7,854
Richard Carter6,811
Robin Tilbrook6,531
Dick Cole5,675
Marianne Overton5,407

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