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Can you name the parties which won more than 5,000 votes in the 1997 UK General Election?

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Tony Blair13,518,167
John Major9,600,943
Paddy Ashdown5,242,947
James Goldsmith811,849
Alex Salmond621,550
David Trimble258,349
John Hume190,814
Dafydd Wigley161,030
Gerry Adams126,921
Ian Paisley107,348
Alan Sked105,722
John Alderdice62,972
Peg Alexander and David Taylor61,731
Arthur Scargill52,109
Michael Meadowcroft45,166
John Tyndall35,832
Geoffrey Clements30,604
Bruno Quintavalle19,332
Robert McCartney12,817
Hugh Smyth10,928
Ian Anderson10,829
Peter Taaffe9,906
Tommy Sheridan9,740
Screaming Lord Sutch7,906

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