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fill in the quotesQuoteAuthor/Episode
MY NIECE? GAIL THE ____Frank (The Gang Gives Frank an Intervention)
What's the ______Frank (The Gang Gives Back)
_______, bitches!Charlie (The Gang Solves the Gas Crisis)
My grandmother had an affair with _____ _ _______Gladys (The D.E.N.N.I.S. System)
What better way to get back at them in the grave, really stick it to them, if you and me ______Frank (The Gang Gives Frank an Intervention)
I eat ________ all the time dudeCharlie (The Gang Hits the Road)
Tough _______ palDennis (Bums Making a Mess All Over the City)
What's up ______Dee (Multiple Episodes)
But who is it _____, who _____?Mac (The Nightman Cometh)
Flush that ___ down the drainFrank (The Gang Gives Frank an Intervention)
How's that ___ feelin?Gay Black Guy (The Gang Gets Racist)
That bitch is ____Mac (The Gang Finds a Dead Guy)
_________ vote is right thing to do Philadelphia, so DODennis (The Gang Runs for Office)
You know what it is _____Dennis (The Nightman Cometh)
Oh I forgot to tell you, ______ ________ was a good friend of mineGladys (The Nightman Cometh)
Artemis got all bummed out because of something I did with the ______ to myselfFrank (The Waitress is Getting Married)
Hey, nobody minds if I do a little ______ right now do they?Charlie as Greenman (The Gang Gets Invincible)
We're getting _______ in the ass by the state liquor taxMac (The Gang Runs for Office)
4 The ____Charlie, written not spoken (Bums Making a Mess All Over the City)
I'm here for the _____Frank (The D.E.N.N.I.S. System)
I stole a bunch of guns and I'm testing them out ______Franklin (The Gang Cracks the Liberty Bell)
fill in the quotesQuoteAuthor/Episode
I will eat your ______ bitch!Dee (100 Dollar Baby)
You _______ my dick bro?Frank (Deleted Scene from Dennis and Dee's Mom is Dead)
You're horrible too and I hate your ___Frank (The Gang Solves the Mortgage Crisis)
All I'm doing, is just like, making the __________Frank (The World Series Defense)
Mac plays basketball with his ______Dee (The Gang Gives Back)
Get me a ______ of aleDennis (The Gang Cracks the Liberty Bell)
Snail, you're just _______ it nowFrank (The Gang Gives Frank an Intervention)
The here-to-for document had, had dry ink on it for at least many __________Charlie (Paddy's Pub: Home of the Original Kitten Mittens)
You're the most ________ people aliveBruce Mathis (Dennis and Dee Get a New Dad)
You gotta pay the troll toll if you want to get into that ________Frank as Troll (The Nightman Cometh)
Well maybe you shouldn't dress like a ________ bitchDee (Sweet Dee Has a Heart Attack)
Did you ____ my mom, Santa?Charlie (A Very Sunny Christmas)
______ your lousy toll trollMac as Nightman (The Nightman Cometh)
Those bug bomb _______ stole the ticketsFrank (The World Series Defense)
Oh man, you guys _________ off this diving board all the time or what?Dee (The Gang Solves the Mortgage Crisis)
Because ____ is funnyFrank (Who Pooped the Bed?)
We will crush your skull with our _______Mac as a terrorist (The Gang Goes Jihad)
So come on you old son of a gun, and let Buster do a line off your _____Jockey Buster (The Gang Gets Whacked)
GET ME SOME MORE, LOAD EM UP, I'M GONNA PUT ON A GOD DAMN ______Mac (Underage Drinking: A National Concern)
Dennis, your ____ is sh*t. I am no longer turned on by ____s.Frank (Paddy's Next Top Billboard Model Contest)
I don't _____Luther Mac (Dennis and Dee Get a New Dad)

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