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Can you name the common words in the titles of those Oscar-winning films (actor/actress)?

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TitleMissing WordYear
The Bridge On The _____ Kwai1957
Mystic _____2003
The ____ And I1956
The ____'s Speech2010
The ____ Command1928
The ____ King Of Scotland2006
The Country ____1954
The Goodbye ____1977
The African _____1951
The _____2006
___'s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?1966
Guess ___'s Coming To Dinner1967
____ Town 1938
____ Don't Cry1999
______ Angel 1927
Wall ______1987
______'s Ball2001
The Prime of ____ Jean Brodie 1969
Driving ____ Daisy1989
Dr. Jekyll And __ Hyde 1931
Goodbye, __ Chips 1939
It Happened ___ Night1934
___ Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest1975
Kitty Foyle: The Natural History Of A _____ 1940
The Kiss Of The Spider _____1985
TitleMissing WordYear
Scent Of A _____1992
Sunrise: A ____ of Two Humans 1927
The ____ Of Bernadette1943
The Farmer's ________1947
The Coal Miner's ________1980
I Want To ____1958
Alice Doesn't ____ Here Anymore1974
My Fair ____1964
The Iron ____2011
Places In The _____1984
Crazy _____2009
The Private ___ Of Henry VIII 1933
A Double ____1947
Rain ___1988
Dead ___ Walking1995
The Way Of ___ Flesh1927
___ The King's Men1949
A Man For ___ Seasons1966
The ____ Earth1937
As ____ As It Gets1997
Women In ____1969
Shakespeare In ____1998
The _____ of Louis Pasteur 1936
Philadelphia _____ 1940
Going __ Way1944
__ Left Foot1989

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