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Forced Order
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Who Is Morrigan's Mother?
How Many Different Character Origins Are There?
What Are Mages Outside of the Circle Called?
What Faction Guards the Mages of the Circle?
Who Created Dragon Age: Origins?
How Does One Become a Grey Warden?
Who Recruits You Into the Grey Wardens?
Originally, What Was Shale's Gender?
Who is King Cailain's Wife?
Who Are the Surviving Grey Wardens?
What is Sten?
What is the Name of the Country in Which the Game Takes Place?
Is It Possible for Your Character to Become King/Queen of Ferelden?
What Nationality is Leliana?
Who is the Grey Warden You Rescue From Arl Howe?
What is the Name of the Assassin That Can Be Recruited Into Your Party?
What is the Name of the Faction of Assassins Zevran Is a Part Of?
Where Are The Crows From?
Who Does Loghain Mac-Tir Replace in Your Party, If He is Recruited?
Where is Ferelden's Circle Located?
Eamon Guerrin is Arl of______?
What Weapon Material Does the Most Damage?
Where Do Darkspawn Come From?
What is the Name of the Continent In Which Ferelden Lies?
What Do the Dalish Elves Keep for Mounts?
What Leads the Darkspawn to the Surface?
What is it Called When an Archdemon Leads the Darkspawn?
What is Alistair's Sister's Name?
During Which Quest Must You Complete A Part Of It Without Your Companions?
Who Must You Confront During The Landsmeet?
What Separates The Fade From Thedas?
Which Race Does Not Dream and Thus Aren't Encountered In The Fade?
When A Demon Possesses A Mage What Do They Become?
During Which Quest Do You Encounter A Broodmother?
What Type Of Darkspawn Does A Dwarven Broodmother Spawn?
What Are Elven Communities Found In Human Cities Called?
'In Peace, Vigilence. In War, Victory. In Death, Sacrifice.' Is The Motto Of What Order?
What Is The Sigil Of The Grey Wardens?
What Is The Dominant Religious Order In Thedas?

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