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Can you name the Off Topic Board Posters?

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Forced Order
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This small black child can't catch a break.
Master of the friend zone.
One foot out of the closet.
Out and PROUD!
Kissed a boy! And he liked it!
Mopey bitch.
'I am not a robot!'
'The Biggest Poser.'
International Man of Mystery.
This poster is not really a woman.
Hairier than Twilight.
Can't **** swim. Can you belive that ****?
But wait! This **** can't ride a bike!
Wears Moon Boots.
The ultimate music snob.
This creep probably knows your home address.
Dabbled in emoism.
Undercover Wetback.
Couldn't hack it.
Bristol on the mind.
Dominating the Open Court.
Suckin' Trey's Balls.
Picked his teams by throwing darts.
Caught up in a torrid ustream love affair.
STFU, Bob.
He'll block your shot.
Sports a mean pedostache.
Sea Cow.
Small Forward on the Sacramento Kings.
Uncircumcised Jew.
Sleeps on plastic sheets.
'The Poon Rater.'
Pink Pinstripes.
Like the fist of an angry God.
Might give you an And 1.
Cereal Rapist.

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