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Unscramble the words to identify the locations

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Premie Taste Dubiling
Astute fo Teribly
Clarent Krap
Smite Aquers
Xborn Ozo
Florelcreek Recent
Keneya Mustaid
Carmenia Emusum fo Laurant Shyriot
Hemeguging Usemum
Cherrsly Guildbin
Klornboy Coinbat Gander
Drang Carlent Marlient
Copperst Prak
Tanest Ladins Refry
Dismoan Quears Danger
Encoy Inlads
Airdo Tyic Sumic Lahl
Semumu fo Rodmen Tar
Shout Terset Eastpro
Eth Oilcrests
Wne Kory Cublip Barrily
Nicegear Lhal
Ts Sicktrap Rheactdal
Tici Delfi
Where Am I

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