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QUIZ: Can you name the answers derived from the letters in the word CHARLESTON?

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Classic British racing venue (5)
Slang meaning 'to commit arson' (5)
Mother-of-pearl (5)
Trait listed in the Boy Scout Law (5)
Ben-Hur actor (6)
Laundry stiffener (6)
Actress Stone or celebrity Osbourne (6)
Vocalist Sheena (6)
What a magnifying glass icon means on a website (6)
Part of Lincoln's nickname (6)
Kitchen or apartment pests (7)
Controversial fat substitute (7)
To purify silver or discipline behavior (7)
'Game of ________' (7)
Wasp species or Charlotte ball team (7)
To spread or apply excessively (7)
Dehydrating infectious disease (7)
Of or relating to the breastbone (7)
Texas nickname or country band (8)
Actor Robbie or Saxophonist John (9)

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