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Name all of these Taylor Swift songs using the titles that have been altered.

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Altered Song TitleSong Title
Not Nice
I Belong With You
Terrible Bodily Fluid
Observe what You've Forced Me to Perform
Wiggle it Away
Front from November
...Prepared for this?
Pearly Hoofed Animal
Romance Tale
(5 - 2) x 7 + 1
Empty Area
Our Relationship is Over Permanently
Refer to it as You Please
Greetings from the Big Apple
Photograph to Incinerate
Craziest Nightmares
The Piece of Music that Belongs to us
Eternally and Endlessly
I perceived You Were a Predicament
The First Color of the Rainbow
Start Over
Vocalize Immediately
Lacking Fear
Emerged from the Forest
Watery Substance from my Eye that has Fallen on my Stringed Instrument
The Age at which you can Obtain a Driver's Permit in a majority of the US States
All of the Things have been altered
Flames Soar

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