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Which Office character takes on the role of Prison Mike?
What actor plays that character?
In which season does Prison Mike appear?
In which number episode from that season does he appear?
What is the name of that episode?
Which Dunder Mifflin employee's jail stories cause Prison Mike to make an appearance?
What color bandana does Prison Mike wear?
What does Prison Mike say was the worst thing about prison?
Who does Prison Mike claim would be 'the belle of the ball' in prison, and warn not to drop the soap?
What does Prison Mike say was served for lunch in prison?
Instead of that, what else does Prison Mike say you can eat?
Who does Prison Mike threaten to push up against a wall?
What did Prison Mike do to get put in jail?
Did he get caught?
Who does Prison Mike scream 'I am here to scare you straight' at?

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