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Name the song titles for the musical easter eggs on every map in Call of Duty Zombies, based on the map they appeared in and the artist that wrote/performed them.

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Map of AppearanceSong TitleArtist/Writer
VerrucktKevin Sherwood + Elena Siegman
Shi No NumaKevin Sherwood + Elena Siegman
Der RieseKevin Sherwood + Elena Siegman
Kino Der TotenKevin Sherwood + Elena Siegman
'Five'Eminem + P!NK
AscensionKevin Sherwood + Elena Siegman
Call of the DeadAvenged Sevenfold
Shangri-LaKevin Sherwood + Elena Siegman
MoonKevin Sherwood + Elena Siegman
MoonAvenged Sevenfold
Nacht Der Untoten (Black Ops Version)Kevin Sherwood
TranzitAvenged Sevenfold
TranzitKevin Sherwood + Clark S. Nova
TranzitSkrillex + Alvin Risk
Nuketown ZombiesBrian Tuey
Die RiseKevin Sherwood + Clark S. Nova
Mob of the DeadKevin Sherwood + Malukah
Mob of the DeadJohnny Cash
BuriedKevin Sherwood + Malukah
OriginsKevin Sherwood + Malukah + Clark S. Nova + Elena Siegman
OriginsAvenged Sevenfold
Shadows of EvilJack Wall
Shadows of EvilJack Wall + Antonia Bennett
The GiantElena Siegman
Der EisendracheKevin Sherwood + Elena Siegman
Zetsubou No ShimaKevin Sherwood + Malukah
Gorod KroviKevin Sherwood + Clark S. Nova
Gorod KroviMotorhead
RevelationsKevin Sherwood + Malukah + Elena Siegman

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