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Can you name the every song written (not covers) and recorded by the Beatles based on the lyrics?

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LyricSong titleAlbum (or single)
I don't know how you were diverted, You were perverted tooWhite Album
Your inside is out, when your outside is inWhite Album
Carve your number on my wall, and maybe you will get a call from meRubber Soul
My girl says when I kiss her lips, Gets a thrill through her fingertipsPlease Please Me
It's so easy for a girl like you to lie, Tell me whyRubber Soul
There's nothing you can do that can't be done, Nothing you can sing that can't be sung.Single
Tell me that you love me baby, Let me understandWith the Beatles
I wonder should I get up and fix myself a drinkWhite Album
Don't you know I can't take it? I don't know who can, I'm not gonna make it, I'm not that kind of manPast Masters
The Ukraine girls really knock me out, they leave the west behindWhite Album
Hold your head up you silly girl look what you've doneWhite Album
Love is all, Love is new, Love is all, Love is youAbbey Road
If you want someone, To make you feel so fine, Then we'll have some fun, When you're mine, all mineWith the Beatles
The wind is low, the birds will sing, that you are part of everythingWhite Album
The wild and windy night, That the rain washed away, Has left a pool of tears, Crying for the dayLet It Be
The Hendersons will all be there Late of Pablo-Fanques is there, what a sceneSgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
Sweet Loretta Martin thought she was a woman, but she was another manLet It Be
Get a dose of her in jackboots and kilt, She's killer-diller when she's Jacked to the HiltAbbey Road
Follow her down to a bridge by a fountain, Where rocking horse people eat marshmallow piesSgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
But now these days are gone, I'm not so self assuredHelp!
LyricSong titleAlbum (or single)
Oh baby yeah come on shake, Oh it's in the bagLive at the BBC
When you told me you didn't need me, Well you know I nearly broke down and criedAbbey Road
You were in a car crash, You lost all your hairWhite Album
Sail the ship, Chop the tree, Skip the rope, Look at meYellow Submarine
And eternally, I'll always be in love with youSingle
When I get near you, The games begin to drag me down, It's all right, I'll make you maybe next time aroundRevolver
Yes we're going to a party, partyThe Beatles
I'm the kind of guy, Who never used to cryPlease Please Me
I told you 'bout the Walrus and me, man, You know that we're as close as can be, manWhite Album
Said you had a thing or two to tell me, How was I to know you would upset me?Help!
Tell me I'm the only one, And then I might, Never be the lonely one.With the Beatles
I'll pretend that I'm kissing the lips I am missing and hope that my dreams will come trueWith the Beatles
I said move over once, move over twice, Come on baby don't be cold as ice Let It Be
Everybody seems to think I'm lazy I don't mind, I think they're crazy Revolver
Cool cherry cream, Nice apple tartWhite Album
Oh how long will it take, Till she sees the mistake she has made?Beatles For Sale
You know you made me cry, I see no use in wondering whyWith the Beatles
With our love-we could save the world-if they only knew, Try to realize it's all within yourselfSgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
You love her, You need her, And yet you don't believe her when she says her love is deadRevolver
In a couple of years, they have built a home sweet homeWhite Album

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