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Can you name the answers to the questions from the 'Happy Gilmore' Opening Monologue?

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Who plays the title character?
Happy's dad worshipped hockey. His mom ______?
Where did Happy's mom move?
Who was Happy's favorite hockey player?
What was his nickname?
Who did Happy's grandmother dress as to cheer him up?
Most of the time, Happy was quick to say what?
How many league records did Happy hold playing Junior Hockey?
What was the first record?
What was the second record?
Happy had a lot of different jobs after high school. What was the first job he mentions?
The second?
The third?
The fourth?
The fifth?
Happy has a pretty good shot with what?
Where did Happy shoot his boss?
Who was Happy's construction boss?
How many lucky punches did his boss get on him?
Why was Happy put on this Earth?

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