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Coop: 'Ok, fine! But not that pussy ass ___-__-___ you guys play in the suburbs!'
Coop & Remer: 'Dr. Kaiser!' Coop: 'Coop and Remer.' Remer: 'We graduated with Brittany.' Dr. Kaiser: 'You graduated?' Coop: '*chuckles* Of course we graduated, cock, ____?'
Jenna: 'Then why do you play Coop?' Coop: '__. _______.' Jenna: 'The guy from the Chippendale's calendar?' Coop: 'No, that was Dwayne Zackamore.'
Robert Stack: 'Scenario #2: Coop went to ______ _____!'
Coop: 'I forgot how much Doug Remer cares about ____.'
Squeak: 'Dude, that is so #@!$ing weak. How am I supposed to get a chick in that?' Coop: 'You couldn't get a chick if you had a _______ ______ ____ hanging out of your zipper.'
Jenna: 'Open your heart, Joey. What's the one thing you want more than anything in the world?' Joey: '_______ _______?'
Remer: 'Do you think Shaq got rich playing in Orlando?' Coop: 'No, Shaq got rich playing in ______, everybody knows that.'
Al Michaels: 'What an unfortunate thing to happen on _____ ___ night!'
Bob Costas: 'You're excited? ____ _____ _______!'
Coop: 'Yo Pierce! I hear your mom's goin' out with _____!'
Remer: 'I love hospitals!' Coop: 'No you don't, you like ____ ____.'
Coop: 'Dammit man! I'm trying to save an innocent life!' Remer: 'I'm givin' it all I've got captain.' Coop: '_ ____ __. ______ ____.'
Guy #1: 'You can't spit beer at me while I'm shooting-' Coop: 'No, that's the way we play in ___ ____.'
Coop: 'It's jobs. We gotta get jobs. Then we get the ______. Then we get the chicks.'
Squeak: 'For the love of our Caribbean brothers! Dudes! ____ ____ _______!'
Coop: 'Chicken poo?' Baxter: 'Ugh! ____. Chicken ____.'
Remer: 'C'mon, bitch, you're my new best friend!' Squeak: 'What? Are we going to the ___?'
Coop: 'Who is that?' Remer: 'Who does it look like?' Coop: 'Victoria Silvstedt, ________ __ ___ ____.' Remer: 'Hello? Victoria Silvstedt, ________ __ ___ ____.'
Remer: 'Dude, chicks dig guys that can ____.'
Brittany: 'No, I mean, I don't remember putting you on the guest list.' Coop: 'Oh, well uh, ___ told us about it.'
Guy #1: 'So let me get this straight, this is a single, right?' Guy #2: 'Yeah, and a homerun is behind the _________.'
Coop: 'You know what Remer? Some day, I'm gonna own a big ______ ___.'
News Anchor: 'Ted Denslow. Dead at 81. His hair piece was __.'
Radio: '...look out ahead, there's a truck changing lanes. You got some ______ ______ on your upper lip.'

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