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Nazi Propaganda Minister
Code Name for D-Day Operation
Actor who played Patton in the movie 'Patton'
Site of the largest German airborne operation of the war
Overall Commander of U.S. Naval Forces in the Pacific
Launched against Britain beginning in 1944
What does SS stand for?
Leni Riefenstahl's most famous film
Commander of Japanese Naval Forces at Pearl Harbor
Number of Air Missions over Germany required to be transferred back to the U.S.
Name one famous actor in 'Kelly's Heroes'
River on which Stalingrad was located
Objective of Operation Husky
Kamikaze in English
German tactical missile launcher
Canadian Landing beach at Normandy
1981 Wolfgang Petersen Film
Female Japanese propaganda broadcaster
U.S. ship sunk after delivering atomic bomb parts
Hitler's HQ in East Prussia
He commanded the mission to free Mussolini in 1943
Guadalcanal is located here
German Concentration Camp outside of Minsk
Code-name for Allied Strategy in the Pacific, 1943
Merrill's Marauders fought here
Location of only battle that took place on American incorporated territory
Commandant of Treblinka Death Camp (Sept. 1942)
John Wayne starred in this famous movie about a Pacific battle
Commander who was replaced by Patton in 1942
Famous American War Correspondent killed on Okinawa
German Code Name for the largest tank battle in history
American General liaison to Chiang Kai Shek
Most famous Soviet Ground Attack Fighter-Bomber
Predominantly rural bands of the French Resistance
He played 'Private Flanagan' in 'The Longest Day'
Standard American Rifle in WWII
Code-Name for the German Offensive against Moscow
Site of the only successful revolt at an extermination camp
German Officer responsible for the Malmédy Massacre
Soviet General who took charge of the defense of Stalingrad
George S. Patton was an Olympian in this event
British Battlecruiser and Flagship of the Home Fleet sunk by the battleship Bismarck
Only U.S. National Guard Division to land in the first wave at Normandy
Location of Primary Allied artificial harbor at Normandy
'Germany First' policy was decided upon at this conference
Commander of 101st Airborne at Bastogne, 1944'
Himmler's Ceremonial Teutonic Castle
Japanese Military Police
Günther Prien led a daring U-Boat attack on this port
Dominant terrain feature on Iwo Jima
German Theologian executed at Flossenburg Concentration Camp

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