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TitleChampionUltimate Ability
The Animal SpiritPhoenix Stance
The Wuju BladesmanHighlander
The Sinister BladeDeath Lotus
The Gem KnightRadiance
The Frost ArcherEnchanted Crystal Arrow
The ArmordilloTremors
The Iron AmbassadorDiplomatic Immunity
The Tiny Master of EvilPrimordial Burst
The MinotaurUnbreakable Will
The Barbarian KingUndying Rage
The CryophoenixGlacial Storm
The Rogue MageDesperate Power
The Artisan of WarGrand Skyfall
The Demon JesterHallucinate
Grandmaster at ArmsRelentless Assault
The Undead ChampionCannibalism
The Harbringer of DoomCrowstorm
Fallen AngelSoul Shackles
The Madman of ZuanSadism
The Battle MistressOnTheHunt
ChronokeeperChrono Shift
TitleChampionUltimate Ability
The Void WalkerRiftwalk
The StarchildWish
The WidowmakerMalice and Spite
The Dark ChildSummon: Tibbers
The Plague RatSpray and Pray
The Megling GunnerBuster Shot
The Saltwater ScourgeCanon Barrage
The DeathsingerRequiem
The Reverd InventorUPGRADE!!!
The Yeti RiderAbsolute Zero
The Blood HunterInfinite Duress
The Great Steam GolemStatic Field
The Curator of the SandsFury of the Sands
The Terror of the VoidFeast
The Daring BombardierMissile Barrage
The Sad MummyCurse of the Sad Mummy
The Bestial HuntressAspect of the Cougar
Shard of the MonolithUnstoppable Force
The JudicatorIntervention
The Card MasterDestiny

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