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Can you name the characters with horns or pointy ears?

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hintsCharactersextra help
star wars the phantom menaceis on the dark side of the force
Hellboyis red
Thoris Thor's adopted brother
Batman beginsthe hero
Batman the dark night risesis a girl
SuperHero movieis named after a bug
Maleficentshe is a witch
FlashHe is super fast
Monster Universitya little green monster
Monsters IncPlayed by John Goodman
hintsCharactersextra help
Monster Universityhead of roar omega roar
Monster Universityis a purple monster that hosts the scare game
Star warsis a blue character and is part of the senate
Star warslive on the planet of Tatoonie
Daredevilhe is a blind man
The Amazing Spiderman 2the villain at the end
Fantastic 4 rise of the silver surfer is the planet swallower
Black Pantheryou should get this one it is in the name
Batman and Robinsorry if i misspelled the word
Avengersthe God of lightning

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