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Can you name the comedy films in which these quotations appear?

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''You haven't lived 'til you've been on a coon hunt, and after that, you don't want to.'
'S**t. I hope he doesn't die. I can't handle summer school.'
'I'm here, man.'
'Well my nuts are halfway up my a**, but other than that I'm perfect!'
'Could I interest you in a nightcap?' 'No, thank you, I don't wear them
'That kangaroo stole my ball!'
'I have a black belt in akido. And the boots to match.'
'You don't want to meet a chick in a bar, man. ... You've got to go to other places; you've got to go to spin class, farmer's market, pumpkin patch (given the time of year).'
'Someone blows their nose and you want to keep it.'
'I've actually heard that Snow Peak Peach is the best flavor of Boone's.'
'I'm just as God made me, sir.'
'This is terrible, this idea.'
'The man ate bacon at every meal. You .... you can't do that.'
'You know, I was thinking of getting my bartender's license. '
'What is the wind speed velocity of an unladen swallow?'
'Ahh ... a bear in his natural habitat: a Studebaker.'
'One minute you're up half a million in soybeans and the next, boom, your kids don't go to college and they've repossessed your Bentley.'
'No, sir! I didn't see you playing with your dolls again.'
'You realize we're all going to go to college as virgins. They probably have special dorms for people like us. '
'We met at Starbucks. Not at the same Starbucks but we saw each other at different Starbucks across the street from each other.'

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