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Trivial FactCountryYear
Most billionaires- A) Saudi Arabia B) Canada C) USA2009
Largest recorded earthquake- A) Chile B) Peru C) Japan2011
Most Formula One Grand Prix wins- A) Spain B) France C) UK2009
Highest ecological footprint- A) UAE B) Japan C) Kuwait2009
Largest electronic spam producer- A) Japan B) Brazil C) Austria2007
Highest consumption of beer per capita- A) Ireland B) Czech Republic C) Norway2004
Most Winter Olympic medals- A) Germany B) USA C) Switzerland2010
Largest vanilla producer- A) Comoros B) Malta C) Madagascar2006
Highest minimum wage- A) Qatar B) Kosovo C) Denmark2008
Most World Heritage Sites- A) UK B) Italy C) Oman2009
Trivial FactCountryYear
Largest uranium reserves- A) Vietnam B) Brazil C) Australia2007
Largest police force- A) Russia B) USA C) China2010
Smallest population- A) Vatican City B) Palau C) Vanuatu2008
Largest coconut producer- A) Bahamas B) Philippines C) UAE2008
Lowest highest point among countries- A) Mali B) Vatican City C) Maldives2009
Largest diamond producer- A) Russia B) Switzerland C) Botswana2005
Largest livestock of camels- A) Tunisia B) Somalia C) Egypt2003
Most former national capitals- A) Belgium B) Iran C) Israel2010
Highest intentional homicide rate- A) Kosovo B) Latvia C) Honduras2008
Largest canary seed producer- A) Canada B) Yemen C) Iran2005

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