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Can you name the four lettered words to link each superhero, superheroine or supervillain together?

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SH- Superhero or Heroine SV- Supervillain
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SH (1st half) a woman
Like a wedding dress
Needing or deficient
SH (2nd half) chance
Coarse towel fabric
SH large or threatening
A nook or corner
SH a circle of light
Traditional Ukrainian food
Tower used to store grain
Inflatable air mattress
A floor covering
SH connection
Long and lean
The sound made by a dog
SH (1st half) cluster of spikes
Completely unclothed
Defy or challenge (someone)
Extremely serious or urgent
SH (2nd half) thin flexible thread
Walk through water
SH mineral
Feminine name
SV destruction
Military HQ
Vigorous blow
Features in a fry-up breakfast
SV a silence
SH envelope of some seeds
SH the darker stage of twilight
Web-footed waterbird
SH black rubber disk
Pluck or choose
Sound of a clock
Sharp, high sound
SH very small
Having the taste of wine
Successful results
Short for minutes
SH (1st half) Fail to hit
State of disorder
Excessive excitement
Soft hair of certain animals
SH (2nd half) Violent anger

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