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Can you name the Christmas related words from the clues and incomplete words?

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Example: H_l_y would be Holly.
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A_v_n_The first season of the church year, leading up to Christmas
A_g_lDecoration that sits atop a tree
B_t_l_h_mBirthplace of Jesus
C_n_y / _a_eSweet, edible striped stick with a curved end
C_r_lA festive or religious holiday song
E_g_o_Traditional Christmas drink
E_v_sSanta's little helpers
F_a_k_n_e_s_One of Jesus' gifts from the Magi
F_u_t_a_eA cake containing dried fruit and nuts
G_n_e_b_e_dCookie or decoration, often shaped like a ‘man’ or a ‘house’
G_i_c_Fictional anti-holiday character who 'stole' Christmas
M_s_l_t_eYou might get kissed underneath it
N_t_v_t_Birth scene of Jesus Christ
N_r_h / _o_eSanta is said to live here
P_e_e_tThing given to someone as a gift
R_i_d_e_Blitzen and Rudolph are examples
S_n_a / _l_u_Also known as Saint Nicholas
S_r_o_eMiser in Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”
S_e_g_Santa's method of travel
S_o_k_n_Empty sock that is hung on Christmas Eve
T_n_e_Decoration made of thin strips of shiny foil
T_r_e_Game bird eaten during festive occasions such as Christmas
W_i_e / _h_i_t_a_Dec. 25th morning or 24th evening with snow on the ground
W_e_t_Circular interwoven decoration, using branches, berries, flowers, etc.
Y_l_t_d_Period extending from Dec. 24 to Jan. 6

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