Word Ladder: Be My Valentine

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Can you name the Valentine's Day themed words in the word ladder?

Updated Feb 14, 2012

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♥ Hint ♥♥ Word ♥
♥ Having the same characteristics or qualities as ♥
A long-bodied predatory freshwater fish
A tube used to convey water
The head of the Roman Catholic Church
Sit for a picture
Stylish or a Spice Girl
Apply force to open a door
Like verdant grassy fields
♥ Very strong sexual desire ♥
Be obliged to or should
A tall upright sail holder
Coming after all others
A young girl or woman
Monetary unit used in Riga
NFL team from NE, for short
A mixture of cooked ground meat and fat
♥ A social or romantic appointment or engagement ♥
Late night host Letterman
♥ This bird is a symbol of love and loyalty ♥
A quantity of a medicine or drug taken
♥ Hint ♥♥ Word ♥
♥ Flower of beauty ♥
Method of memorization
Home for lovebirds
An apple's center
♥ Feel concern or interest ♥
♥ Folded paper with a greeting ♥
Firm or difficult
Rabbit-like mammal
Possess or own
A large underground chamber
A small sheltered bay
♥ An intense feeling of deep affection ♥
At an actual event or not dead
Vitality, vigor, or energy
Raise to a higher position or level
♥ A present ♥
Essence of a speech or text
A fine spray of water
Term for a young lady
♥ Touch with the lips as a sign of love or greeting ♥

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