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► ◄ These pointers signify a 'themed' word in the ladder. The themed words are all based around Geography. Warning: some of these words are quite difficult.
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►Asian Country◄
►Northern Algerian City◄
►Asian Country◄
Element of atomic number 26
1982 Science Fiction Disney Movie
A cartoon film
Something that is helpful or beneficial
Commit a faux pas
A container designed to explode
Urban Slang used in excitement
►Capital City of Italy◄
Journey with no specific destination
Feeling of deep affection
►Capital City of Togo◄
Green citrus fruit
►Capital City of Peru◄
Elongated aperture; a fissure
►Capital City of Latvia◄
Engages in cheating
Pieces of old cloth
Rodents resembling mice
►Monetary unit of Latvia (pre 2014)◄
►Asian Country◄
►Monetary unit of Vietam◄
Ugly evil-looking old women
Attaches a label to
Informal terms for clothing
►African Country◄
Spring-loaded pole with a handle
Game resembling field hockey
Rounded piece of wood or metal
Small burrowing mammal
►Capital City of the Maldives◄
Fictitious or true story
To seize or capture
►Monetary unit of Bangladesh◄
►Monetary unit of Samoa◄
Plural of Talus, a bone in the ankle
►African Country◄
Germinated cereal grain
Tall upright post
Elapsed in time
A nuisance
►Monetary unit of Mexico◄
Spanish for 'kiss'
Of the most excellent
Sesame Street Muppet
►Capital City of Switzerland◄
Farm building used for storing livestock
Shakespeare for instance
A group of musicians
►Monetary unit of South Africa◄
Cause great emotional pain
Speak (a book) aloud
►Monetary unit of Brazil◄
Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner
An alcoholic drink
To repair a damaged object
Care for or look after
Abbreviation of Tennessee
A seabird
Moved very quickly or ripped
A wrongful act
Infusion of ground malt
Old English for 'was'
►Cardinal Direction◄
Have knowledge
Small droplets suspended in air
An aromatic plant
Car considered a British icon
Completed or done, in French
►Oceanic country◄
Spanish for 'fix' or 'focus'
A folder for holding loose papers
A heap of things
Perhaps the best soccer player ever
French for Father
►South American country◄
American singer, Jason ____lo
The integument of animal; the skin
A limited period of time
Group in a competitive game or sport
A support of the roof or floor above
French for beautiful
Imbecile or stupid
►Capital City of Azerbaijan◄
An ethnic group from South Sudan
►Village in Hungary◄
Canadian acoustic-folk musical group
►Town in Ethiopia◄
Large aquatic reptile, croco____
►Longest river in the world◄
►Village in Israel◄
►Capital City of Timor-Leste◄
Aromatic herb
Grinds grain into flour
Unit of measure equal to 1,760 yards
Acting through gestures
►Monetary unit of Canada◄
►Notre ____, a cathedral in Paris◄
A social or romantic appointment
Title for a monarch from the Philippines
►Monetary unit of Vanuatu◄

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