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❖ w/ [Rung 87]; High speed ❖1
Hand with the fingers clenched2
Tuna or salmon for instance3
Desire or hope for something4
Having or showing knowledge5
To marry (a woman)6
❖ w/ [Rung 15]; Two plus three ❖7
Folder or box for holding loose papers8
Occupy or take up9
Having no empty space10
A long-winged, web-footed seabird11
Swallowing movement of the throat12
1994 Best Picture Oscar, Forrest ____13
Tissue that surrounds teeth (plural)14
❖ w/ [Rung 7]; Term for people ❖15
Acquires in exchange for money16
❖ Farmer ____; Male children ❖17
Objects for a child to play with18
Units of weight19
What sunbathers have afterwards20
Official or legal prohibitions21
Counters where you can obtain alcohol22
❖ w/ [Rung 45, 78]; Difficult ❖24
Part of a person's arm beyond the wrist25
Harry Potter has one26
Natural movement of the air27
Appendage that enables flight28
❖ Burger ____; Male ruler ❖29
Groups of family relations30
Small pieces of metal for fastening31
Containers used for cooking food in32
Informal term for 'Paparazzi'33
❖ ____ John's Pizza; father ❖34
Insect form between larva and adult35
Young dogs36
Francis or Benedict for example38
Long, rounded piece of wood or metal39
11th president of the United States40
Mark with a scar41
Group of wolves42
❖ ____ in the Box; Actor ____ Black ❖43
Enthusiastic athlete or sports fan44
❖ w/ [Rung 24, 78]; Genre of music ❖45
'Never Gonna Give You Up', ____ Astley46
Pass the tongue over something47
Mechanism for keeping a door fastened48
❖ El Pollo ____; Crazy ❖49
French fashion designer, ____ Chanel50
Adult male chicken51
Clock sound, 'tick-____'52
Small, sharp, broad-headed nail53
❖ w/ [Rung 60]; Mexican dish ❖54
Plant with edible corms and leaves55
An open pastry case containing a filling56
Son of Homer Simpson57
Yellow muppet, 'Yes, I do mind!'58
Strip of material worn around the waist59
❖ w/ [Rung 54]; Sound-making device ❖60
Computer technology corporation61
❖ Jason's ____; Delicatessen ❖62
Capital city of Timor-Leste63
Aromatic herb64
Naturally raised area of land65
Space just inside the front entrance66
Number of fish caught67
❖ ____; McCartney or Newman ❖68
A bucket69
Physical or mental suffering70
An adherent of Jainism71
Link or connect72
❖ Long ____ Silver's; Apostle ❖73
'Walking in Memphis singer', Marc ____74
Cereal plant75
Central part of various fruits76
Look after77
❖ w/ [Rung 24, 45]; Small restaurant ❖78
Not exposed to danger or risk79
Exchange of goods for money80
The undersurface of a person's foot81
Opposite of bought82
❖ ____ Stone Creamery; Chilly ❖83
Male horse under the age of four84
Slate-black, aquatic bird85
Equal to 12 inches86
❖ w/ [Rung 1]; Nourishment ❖87

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