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Can you name the words which contain the letter 'r' consecutively?

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A mistake
Sound made by a cat
Building used to house military personnel
Stone is mined here
Used as an expression of apology
Opposite of fertile
An improvised barrier
Soft fatty substance in the cavities of bones
Rotating gun on a tank
Conceited; haughty
Oily fish used to make kippers
Foot rest for a horse rider
Type of Southeastern American turtle
A small, round stone fruit which is typically red
To execute by strangulation
A litter of pigs
An act of warding off a blow
Become or make less wide
Network of interconnecting rabbit burrows
A small swirling mass of something
Long silver fish with sharp teeth
Very strange or eccentric
Evil or morally depraved
Make (someone) annoyed or impatient
Frequent and watery bowel movements
Type of British lawyer
Restore (a dead person) to life
Irregular heartbeat
An escape of blood from a ruptured blood vessel
Manipulate the boundaries of politics

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