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Can you name the Harry Potter character by the description of their death?

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DescriptionCharacter KilledKilled By
Killing Curse and ExpelliarmusHarry Potter/Himself
Botched beheadingUnknown
Looked into the eyes of the BasiliskBasilisk
Knocked through the VeilBellatrix Lestrange
Killing CurseAn unknown Death Eater
Deep wound by hurled knifeBellatrix Lestrange
ExplosionAugustus Rookwood
FiendfyreHimself (by accident)
Curse hit her at her heartMolly Weasley
DescriptionCharacter KilledKilled By
Killing CurseSeverus Snape
Old Age (for an Acromantula)Nobody
Killing CursePeter Pettigrew
MaulingA fox
Died in his sleep, returning as a ghostNobody
Burned by Harry's handsHarry Potter
Suicide (Killed by Dobby in Movie)Himself/Dobby
Knocked out a window and fell to his deathHermione Granger
DecapitatedNeville Longbottom

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