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What was the DRC known as until 1997?
What is the capital city of the DRC?
Name a country which borders the DRC?
What is the official language of the DRC?
When did the DRC become independent?
What is their currency?
The DRC has the second biggest rainforest in the world after what rainforest?
What mountain destroyed the City of Goma on January 17, 2002?
Six months after the 2002 eruption, nearby which mountain erupted which also erupted in 2006 and again in January 2010?
Both of these active volcanos are located within the boundaries of which National Park?
How many provinces is the DRC made up of? (Exluding territories)
What city in the DRC has the biggest population?
What is the main religion in the DRC?
What is the longest river in the DRC?
In English what is the DRC's motto?

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