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Leter of the alphabetAnswer
A- Famous painting by Grant Wood
B- Highest person on Most played all time board
C- Shakespeare's last written tragedy
D- Creates annual “United State of Pop” mashups
E- Is it a country or isn't it
F- How many countries in Oceania
G- Five of these means you have created a great quiz
H- Too many quizzes on this subject in Literature ?
I- Chat Acronym for IDK
J- Capital of Missouri
K- Curse you - - - - - - - - - - !
L- Futurama character with no vowels
M- Hardest US state to spell
Leter of the alphabetAnswer
N- Making a game noticed by the editors
O- Sporcle is inspired by which word
P- Where you can find a barber showing photographs
Q- The only country begining with a Q
R- Only Pope begining with R
S- English punk rock band that formed in London in 1975
T- South Park character with a disabled turkey named 'Gobbles'
U- All time highest played Sporcle game
V- A country with a population of just over 800 and formed in 1929
W- Alliterative US president
X- The only State with a X exactly in the middle
Y- Country formed after World War I as what was commonly called at the time a 'Versailles state'.
Z- Number Forty on the Periodic table

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