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13 Going on ______
Jennifer Garner 
My _________ Keeper
Cameron Diaz 
A Lot Like _______
Ashton Kutcher 
The _________ sense
Bruce Willis 
______ Night
Tina Fey 
Best in ______
Jane Lynch 
______ days of summer
Zooey Deschanel 
The _____ Side
Sandra Bullock 
The Curious Case of Benjamin ________
Brad Pitt 
Mr. & Mrs. _______
Angelina Jolie 
The Devil wears ______
Anne Hathaway 
Where the _____ is
Natalie Portman 
17 _____
Zac Efron 
_____ Mama
Amy Poehler 
Uptown ______
Brittany Murphy 
_____ First Dates
Adam Sandler 
Get ______
Steve Carell 
Did you hear about the ________?
Hugh Grant 
______ Congeniality
Sandra Bullock 
Legally ______
Reese Witherspoon 
Ghosts of girlfriend's ______
Matthew McConaughey 
_____ Dresses
Katherine Heigl 
____ Again
Kristen Bell 

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